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Who's behind all this madness?

Rachel A Harmston
Owner- Wellness Coach- Earth Educator

To be entirely transparent, I'm not your usual entrepreneurial DC-based suspect. From rural northern Minnesota (yes it's cold), I'm still trying to get a hang of this whole city-gal thing. I tend to fall somewhere between the category of a "cool hippie chick" and "the strange lady talking to those plants", but for the sake of Living Growth, lets just call me a new age Earth Coach.

I started Living Growth back in 2019 after teaching environmental topics to youth for 5+ years. The goal of Living Growth is to equip ALL people, youthful and well-seasoned, with the education and tools needed to heal our extremely distressed planet and promote confidence and wellness in a society that promotes us to choose otherwise. 

Integrating earth-based practices into your daily routine can reduce the severity of symptoms from anxiety, depression, overwhelm, discontent, stress, and much much more.

Lets talk plants, routine, and GROWTH! --@livinggrowth 

Erica Young - plant pic.jpg
Erica Young
Indoor Plant Expert and Educator

By day, you'll find Erica researching and predicting the future of work. Erica works with startups that are revolutionizing the way we work. By night and weekend, you'll find Erica tending to her 200+ houseplants and precious cat, Suki. Erica is a self-taught, proud plant lady. And she loves to share her <3 and knowledge of houseplant care. You can see pictures of her home, plants, and Suki on her Instagram page-- @sukisjungle 

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