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Health and Life Coaching

Feeling complacent? Are trend diets failing you on repeat? Tired of repeating negative cycles? Wanting to go green? Lacking the energy to even seek out helpful resources? 
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Green Thumbs Up- 1-30 Days
Fresh Start- 14 Days
Tuning in to Your Tummy- 30 Days
Kill 'em with Confidence- 30 Days
Finding Fitness- 60 Days
Total Transformation- 90 Days
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Green Thumbs Up

Green Thumbs Up- 1-5 Days

Green Thumbs Up is a crash course in gardening. Whether you are wanting to acquire your first houseplant, increase your plant portfolio, or spruce of your current selection, this program is the one for you. We will cover basic care, plant anatomy and physiology, and green aesthetic tips and tricks.

Fresh Start 14 Days

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is an intensive kick start to reshaping your routine. That means reassessing where you're spending your time and energy, cleaning the cluttering and reducing the noise, and putting in place practical guidelines to get your personal growth back on track. We will be looking at your diet, exercise, sleep, physical space, work life balance and more. Not for the faint-hearted.

Tuning In To Your Tummy

Tuning in to your Tummy 30 Days

Tuning In To Your Tummy is all about diet. What dietitians and weight loss ads forget to tell you when their diet fails you is, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE and YOUR DIET IS TOO! What you eat, when you eat it and why will be our main focus areas. Understanding your gut is the key to weight loss, reducing bloating, managing cravings,  nutrition absorption, and overall digestive health. We will explore various tools and implement a personalized formula to your eating routine.

Kill 'em with Confidence 30 Days

Kill 'Em With Confidence

Kill 'Em with Confidence is aimed at those who have been feeling in a funk from our societal pressures, social media, and beauty standards. If you look in the mirror and are not currently seeing something beautiful, strong and sexy, it is time we flip that switch. You will walk away from this program glowing, proud of yourself, motivated and unstoppable. It's a cleanse, recharge, and amp session all in one. 

Finding Fitness 60 Days

Finding Fitness

Alright let's be real we all want to be healthy and fit, but it's also important to acknowledge that everyone's best bod is different. First we will shake any negative ideology that you may have around your own body, then we will put in place a fitness routine to match your goals. 60 days is just the start of your lifelong fitness journey. Finding Fitness is equal parts mental and physical.

Total Transformation

Total transformation 90 days

Total Transformation is here to support and guide you while you make BIG moves. This program is for you if you are going through a career change, ending a relationship that has been needing to end for some time, changing your identity from the one you've been handed to the one you create. This is a comprehensive approach to those looking to take their potential to the next level. Self discipline, grit, and intensity are key. 





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