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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need? I don't have a backyard.
    Space is not a worry! You can grow plenty of herbs, veggies, flowers, and houseplants in pots and planters placed in your windows, set on your front steps, or hanging on your balcony! There is no space to small for something green to be growing.
  • What is the free consulation for?
    Great Question! Essentially the free consulation is so I can get to know your space and interests. From there I can offer suggestions as to what varieties of plants would best work with your space and how quickly we can get things rolling. Together we can develope a green dream! The best part of this dream is we can make it come true! (and who doesn't love FREE things)
  • What if I want a garden/plants but don't have the time to plant?
    No problem! I absolutely understand the hustle and bustle. People who grind and green are my favorite people (don't tell the hippies)! You can send me pictures of your space and we can arrange a date where I can come out to take care of the dirty work. I'll leave you with a specialized care guide for the plants I install -Minimal care will be required for the plants I set up for ya!
  • Can my kids help with planting and care?
    Absolutely! To be honest planting with children is my specialty! I have been a school garden coordinator for two years and loved every minute of it. Children are the most amazing helpers. They are invested for the long haul, and they never forget to water and harvest! (Is there a such thing as an overactive gardener?) We can make the initial planting as interactive and informational as your family would like!
  • What areas do you service?
    I am flexible to all DMV neighborhoods! Apartment complexes, private homes, and small buisnesses are all perfect fits!
  • How long do I need a health/life coach?
    There is no set time frame for coaching. Habit change occurs differently for everyone. Some people want a life coach for the rest of their life, some just need a 6 month revamp. Once you are getting the results you desire, we can discuss duration of services.

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