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Earth-based Coaching

Feeling complacent? Ready to eat clean and go green?
Check out the Programs below! 

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Green Thumbs Up- (how to Grow/Care for Plants)
Green Routine- (Switching to Green Products and Lifestyle)
Tuning in to Your Tummy- (How to Eat Clean 101)

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Green Thumbs Up

Green Thumbs Up 

(1) 1-Hour Virtual Session


Green Thumbs Up is a crash course in gardening. Whether you are wanting to acquire your first houseplant, increase your plant portfolio, or spruce up your current selection, this program is the one for you. We will cover basic care, plant anatomy and physiology, and green aesthetic tips and tricks.

Green Routine

Green Routine

(3) 1-Hour Sessions over 3 weeks


The goal of Green Routine is to revamp to your current lifestyle and equip you with the latest and greatest green practices . We will be reassessing where you shop and the products you use to see where we can swap in green alternatives.  Metal straws, reusable bags, compost, organic make-up, ethically made, farmers markets and more! Not for the faint-hearted.

Tuning In To Your Tummy

Tuning in to your Tummy

(3) 1-Hour Sessions over 3 weeks


Tuning In To Your Tummy is all about diet. We will be focusing on increasing plant-based eating (don't worry, we won't tell you to go vegan). What you eat and when you eat it will be our main focus areas.

  • Understanding your gut is the key to weight loss, reducing bloating, managing cravings,  nutrition absorption, and overall digestive health. 

  • Understanding where your nutrients come from allows you to knowledgeably fuel yourself.

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