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Eating Your Sunshine

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Too bad we cant photosynthesize

Plant-based diet. One of the new and growing fads in our society. What a wonderful and healthy trend to come in to play. Here's why.

With dietary guidelines in the US today, many of us are unknowingly eating the toxins that promote the most prevalent diseases in our society. Hidden in the essentially illegible ingredient labels of our favorite foods are chemicals, fats, sugars, and salts tastefully designed to keep us craving.

What a system, right?

Instead of cutting calories, let's cut chemicals.

Essentially the quickest way to revamp your diet and get on a truly healthy eating regime is to incorporate more meals with less ingredients. If you go to the supermarket and read any given ingredient label, you'll likely see an extensive list of unknown additives and flavors.

My challenge to you is to cut that list of ingredients. If only for the sake of your digestive balance, or the health of your children, this is a small manageable step that we can all take. Switch your cereal from lucky charms to an organic version. Instead of chips and dip try veggies and dip.

Before we break down all of our original ingredients and push and pull natural nutrients into unnatural forms, we do originally start with base products that originate from natural ingredients. Therefore, if we rewind the process and keep our natural ingredients whole, we are getting the natural combination of vitamins and minerals our bodies truly desire. What do i mean by whole natural ingredients? I mean raw unrefined nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, fungi, etc.

The closer you get to single ingredients, the closer you get to the sun.

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