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Activating Your Green Thumb

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Getting your hands dirty for the first time and not sure where to begin? I promise it's a lot easier than you might assume. Check out my 3 pre-planting recommendations below!

Gardening is truly for green friends of all skill levels. It's magical what happens when you connect yourself to the earth and the various foods that we love to consume. If gardening seems like a giant feat, or you have an irrational fear of earthworms, let this blog post put your worries to rest.

Remember free consultations are available now! You don't have to ignite your green thumb alone, I've got your back.

Let's get GROWING!

As a prelude, if you are pressed for time, and the thought of reading another DIY or How-To article makes you want to hibernate for an eternity, skip the nonsense and make this process stress-free. Call or email to schedule your free consultation! (If thats you, stop reading now!)

For you earth lovers with a few moments of interest, my first tip to you is make a list. (Yes, something like a grocery list. But lets just stick to the produce.) Scribble down your favorite fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers, you name it. I promise that you will enjoy this journey heaps more if you cater to your taste. After all this journey is all about YOU!

Next, head on over to your local greenhouse or hardware store and mosey aimlessly-with-a-purpose through the gardening section. Seeing as you might be quite overwhelmed by what I like to call the initial "greenhouse effect", there's no need to make any purchases this go around. This is the time to add some of your favorite spectacles to your list and go home.

Finally, take a quick look around your humble abode and decide where you might like to see some more green life. There are hardly any limits to what we can do with a shovel, some soil, and a few pots and planters.

Now, with a bit more content and knowledge about your gardening interests under you belt, revert to the prelude and schedule your free consultation! I'll come out to your home and we can make a plan that is both practical and exactly what you want!

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